Intro face recording

  • Welcome to our focus group study.
    This test uses machine learning algorithms to analyze respondents. All images are processed using Microsoft Azure Cognitive services and deleted immediately afterwards.

    Please read these instruction **carefully**. We have added extra time for this purpose.

    I. In order to achieve optimal recording results, please:
    - use your PC/Laptop camera while watching video.
    - try to avoid having more than one person in the room
    - make sure the sound is on
    - get good lighting in the room. The system will let you know if they can't see you
    - make sure that you give permission to the camera during the test, by clicking on the below icon

    - in case you get a notice that the content is being uploaded, please wait until it's complete to continue and notify us of this

    II. During the video, a pop-up will appear on your right 2 times, asking you if the video is interesting to you. If it is, please ignore the pop-up. If it's not, please press "No" on the pop-up. If you've pressed it for the first time, there is no need to press it the second time.

    Relax! We're just trying to give the world more lafs! =)
    III. Important> In case you run into unexpected problems with application (e.g. uploading taking too long), we kindly ask you to provide us with a screenshot from browser’s console. To open the console, press F12 and select “Console” tab. (Please copy and paste these instructions for this purpose.) We will reward the effort with 0.10 cents.